TCV Gopalpur

The intense overcrowding problem in all our villages and schools coupled with the constant arrival of children from Tibet necessitated a new village in the early 90’s for a long term solution. With the acceptance and support from SOS Kinderdorf International, construction work began on a war footing. The children for this village were housed temporarily at TCV,(Bir). The number of children quickly increased and soon became quite unmanageable. Hence, makeshift, temporary accommodation and schooling had to be started early on even in the mist of its construction.

Thus, SOS Tibetan Children’s Village at Gopalpur formally became operational in 1997. Spread over a thirty-acre estate in lush green environment with a majestic mountain backdrop, it is now home for the many children coming across the border. Currently there are now 1271 children. it is a self-contained, children’s community with 32 homes ,a medical centre and the hostels for the boys and the girls. This project is funded by the schweizer freunde Der SOS-kinderdofer. While the attached school complex is built with funding support from Stiftelsen SOS-Barnebyer -Norge.

Numerical data as of April, 2017

Boarders: 842
Day Scholars: 5

Staff (Regular): 120
Others: 15
Old People: 5

Total:  993

How You can Help

If you are in the US, you can make a tax deductible donation by visiting the website of Tibet House California.


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